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With over 40 years’ experience in supplying the pub trade, we have faced challenges particularly to the rural pubs. 

COVID 19 is the single biggest challenge we have ever faced.  If you’re open then we are still delivering. We have a range of support here to help you maintain your business over this period. From takeaway packaging to support your delivery offer to retail range products for you to sell to consumers, we have a solution to help you generate some income for you.

CHA Insight revealed that 43% of British population already has or plans to support local pubs, bars and restaurants as a result of Covid 19 so let’s all work together to support local independent businesses

Bikold stock a fantastic range of ready meals ideal for any pub menu. Banner Foods offer a range of hearty, home-cooked style meat dishes. We have a selection of new lines from KK Finefoods for the more refined menu and a fantastic range of speciality ingredients.



Request a copy of our sandwich fillings and salads list. A range of ready prepared filliings and salads from Flavours Food, perfect for a pub light lunch of sandwich or jacket potato.

Desserts can be extremely time consuming to make from scratch which is why we have an enormous range for you to choose from to save your valuable time!

By understanding our customers industry we feel we can provide you with with the products required to make your lives easier.

Please contact your representative for more information on exactly what we offer, or telephone the telesales team on 01584 877866. Or you can contact customer services on 01584 877866 to request a current price list.